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Welcome to the Goldanniyatech website!

Goldanniyatech is an innovative independant 3D software development and self-publishing studio, founded by myself, Yoann AMAR ASSOULINE, on . Fueled by my unfathomable passion for game development, I firmly believe that gaming, situated at the intersection of entertainment and technology, is the most advanced medium, with countless innovations since its inception in the 1950s.
Thus, my highest dream is to provide the most interesting gaming experiences, by pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry and bringing them to life.
Currently, I am working extensively on the Golden Project (codename), an upcoming action-adventure game set in a fantasy urban open world. My game is set to launch on Early Access, along with a free demo, very soon! In the meantime, you can explore this website to gain insight into the gameplay and content, as well as learn more about the development process.

Making Games from scratch

Because I strive for the highest quality, I specialized myself into developing games as a solo developer and entirely from scratch, using professional tools such as Unreal Engine 5, Blender, Substance3D Painter, Substance3D Designer, Photoshop and Fruity Loops.
Albeit incredibly difficult and challenging, this methodology leads to a complete control over the development process, ensuring to provide a very unique level of creativity and artistic freedom in my games.
I also described my path in the about section, from the moment where I've started to learn about game development since 2004, albeit purely as a hobbyist, to my PhD Thesis that I've finished in 2024, analyzing 3D software development history.

Goldanniyatech Latest Media!

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