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Yoann AMAR ASSOULINE (@ Goldanniyatech)

3D Software Developer • Founder of Goldanniyatech • PhD Student in Semiotics at Sorbonne University


Computer/ Software Development

➡️ Programming Languages: Assembly (MIPS) • C • C++ • C# • Java • Python • VB.Net • VBA
➡️ Programming Frameworks, API & (Game) Engines: .NET Core • Godot Engine • Unity • Unreal Engine • OpenGL • Vulkan
➡️ Computer Graphics (2D & 3D): Autodesk 3DS Max • Autodesk Maya • Adobe After Effects • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Substance 3D • Blender
➡️ Web Development (Front End & Back End): HTML • CSS • JavaScript • PHP
➡️ Miscellaneous: Audacity • Adobe Audition • Adobe Premiere Pro • Microsoft Office


➡️ English (U.S.): Bilingual
➡️ French: native
➡️ Spanish (Spain): beginner

2D & 3D Graphics Portfolio

Every single 3D model or scene in this page has been entirely done by myself from scratch, including concept (unless stated otherwise), for various projects.
The description of these models is only highlighting technical aspects. Because of that, it is not meant to explain how each model is or will be used in a given project.

Gamiya Gamepad, the pad of a virtual console for the Golden Project Halloween Emperor, a 3D animal for the Golden Project Gigantic Padlock for the Golden Project The imperial Bench, a public bench for the Golden Project Carminic Candles for the Golden Project Golden Gate Light for the Golden Project Whimsical Horse Pegasus, a 3D animal for the Golden Project