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Hello there 😃!
I'm Yoann AMAR ASSOULINE, a solo 3D Computer Software Developer since November 2021 and a self-funded PhD Student at Sorbonne University (in France) since November 2018.
I've been learning about 3D Games & Software Development since 2004 as an amateur.

My 3D Software Development Tools

📀 3D Software/ DCC: Blender (3DS Max & Maya will be added later)
📀 2D & Texturing Software: Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Substance • Quixel Mixer
⚙️ Flexible Game Engines (Production): Godot Engine • Unity • Unreal Engine
⚙️ Low-Level Rendering/ Game Engines (Prototyping & Researches only): Irrlicht • JMonkey • Ogre3D • Panda3D
⚙️ Custom Open-Source Game Engine (Prototyping & Researches only): Goldanniyatech Engine